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Data Warehousing in Cloudera Data Platform


About This Module

This module is an introduction to the modern data warehouse with big data, including an overview of the data warehousing functions of Cloudera Data Platform. It provides a foundation for more detailed learning in how to use those functions.

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Payment and Registration

This module is only available as part of our Full Library subscription.

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Module Length

This module includes 60 minutes of video content and 45 minutes of exercises. Subscribers to the Cloudera OnDemand Full Library are given 100 hours of lab time to use across all courses.

Module Objectives

Through videos and hands-on exercises, participants will be able to:

  • Explain how working with data warehousing at scale, particularly within Cloudera Data Platform, is different from working with a traditional relational database
  • Describe the data warehousing tools in CDP
  • Explain the basic architecture of Apache Hive and Apache Impala
  • Compare approaches to database design in a massively parallel processing system such as CDP with those in RDBMSs

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Audience and Prerequisites

This module is designed for database administrators, data architects, and data engineers. The module design assumes knowledge of traditional relational databases, but this is not strictly required.