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CDP Data Governance with SDX: Implementing Regulatory Compliance on the Cloudera Data Platform


About This Course

This course helps customers use Cloudera Data Platform to address data governance tasks, motivated by the need for compliance to regulations such as GDPR (UK) and HIPAA (US). The course focuses on using Apache Atlas and Ranger, and the Data Catalog service when available.

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Payment and Registration

This course comes with a Full Library subscription.

Course Length

This course includes approximately 2 hours of video content. Hands-on exercises will take approximately 5 hours. Students who have purchased this course on its own are allowed up to 10 hours of lab time. (Subscribers to the Cloudera OnDemand Full Library are given 100 hours of lab time to use across all courses.)

Course Objectives

Through narrated lecture and recorded demonstrations, you will learn how to:

  • Identify which tools in Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) to use for key data governance activities
  • Organize data objects using classifications and business glossary terms
  • Use Data Catalog Profilers in CDP to assist in organizing data objects
  • Use Data Catalog to foster collaboration with colleagues
  • Create and apply resource-, role-, and attribute-based access control policies
  • Create policies for data masking
  • View and interpret a data object’s lineage
  • Find access history for data objects and policies

Audience and Prerequisites

This course is intended for CDP users who focus on regulatory compliance or other data governance activities.