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Stream Processing, Management, and Analytics with CDF


About This Course

This course is comprised of modules that focus on messaging, real-time processing, management, and analytics of streaming data on the Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) platform. Currently, the modules consist of foundational content for Apache Kafka that provide an understanding of streams processing that include the basics of messaging, as well as more advanced messaging concepts using Java for developing Kafka applications. The course also covers Kafka security features and associated configuration.

Over time, the course modules will grow to include additional management and analytics modules that focus on Kafka administration, Streams Messaging Manager, Schema Registry, and Kafka Streams.

Course Length

This course includes 6.5 hours of video content and approximately 6.5 hours of exercises.

Course Topics

Through video lectures and demonstrations participants will explore configuring, managing, monitoring, and analyzing streaming applications. Topics are presented using the following modules:

  • Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) Overview
  • Kafka Basics
  • Developing Kafka Applications in Java
  • Streams Messaging Manager
  • Schema Registry
  • Managing Kafka Clusters with Cloudera Manager (CM)
  • Kafka Security

Audience and Prerequisites

This course is designed for Data Engineers, Administrators, and others who want to understand stream processing administration, configuration, and applications within CDF. It provides both a code and graphical approach to configuring real-time data processing, monitoring, and management solutions for a variety of use cases. Though programming experience is not required, code samples are provided in Java, and basic experience with Linux is presumed. Exposure to big data concepts and applications is helpful.