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Deploying and Scaling Cloudera Enterprise on Microsoft Azure


About This Course

This OnDemand training course delivers the key concepts and expertise needed to deploy Cloudera Enterprise, Cloudera’s modern analytic platform for machine learning and analytics, on Microsoft Azure. The benefit to you is a secure cloud service that scales according to your requirements, while providing a secure, highly-available Cloudera Enterprise cloud deployment for long-running and transient data engineering, machine learning, and analytic workloads.

Course Length

This course includes 5 hours of video content, with demonstrations of each deployment step and downloadable project code to run in your own Microsoft Azure environment.

Course Outline

Through video lectures and demonstrations, students will learn how to:

  • Prepare a Microsoft Azure environment for a Cloudera Enterprise deployment
  • Deploy Cloudera Enterprise manually using Cloudera Manager
  • Automate deployments of Cloudera Enterprise with Cloudera Director
  • Deploy data engineering workloads using Cloudera Altus, Cloudera’s self-service PaaS (Platform-as-a-service)

Audience and Prerequisites

Participants need no prior experience with Cloudera Enterprise, Cloudera Director, Cloudera Altus, Microsoft Azure, or the cloud.

This course is designed for administrators and database administrators, developers, or those with similar operational backgrounds interested in:

  • Configuring and planning for Azure deployments
  • Manually building clusters on Azure
  • Automating deployments
  • Deploying Altus Data Engineering