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Cloudera Director: An Introduction


About This Course

This course presents an overview of Cloudera Director. With Cloudera Director, you can run production-ready Apache Hadoop clusters on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform—only paying for what you use.

Course Length

This course includes one hour of video content. There are no hands-on exercises.

Course Outline

Through video lectures, participants will explore Cloudera Director, learning topics such as:

  • Sample cloud architecture
  • How to add a Cloudera Enterprise environment
  • How to create cluster manager instances and add a cluster to an AWS environment
  • How to interact with Cloudera Director’s dashboard
  • How to initiate and run an Apache Spark job
  • How to resize a cluster, including how to add nodes and decommission nodes
  • How to terminate a cluster

Audience and Prerequisites

This course is best suited to anyone who wants an overview of Cloudera Director. A basic level of technical proficiency is valuable. Prior knowledge of Apache Hadoop is not required.