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Using Cloudera Navigator


About This Course

This course covers the data discovery, lineage, and auditing features of Cloudera Navigator.

Course Length

This course includes one hour of video content.

Course Topics

Through video lectures and demonstrations, participants will explore the Cloudera Navigator, learning topics such as:

  • The motivation for an audit and lineage tool like Navigator
  • How to configure properties in the Navigator Auditing and Metadata Components
  • Auditing features that Navigator offers as part of the Auditing Component
  • Metadata and data discovery capabilities in the Metadata Component
  • Metadata Component features for lineage exploration
  • How to use the Navigator user interface to explore data
  • How to use the Navigator API

Audience and Prerequisites

This course is intended for data stewards, compliance officers, and others who need to track data in the Hadoop cluster. Prior exposure to Cloudera Manager is assumed.