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Cloudera Essentials for CDP


About This Course

During this course, you'll learn the key concepts behind the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP), Cloudera's next-generation platform and the world's first implementation of the Enterprise Data Cloud. You'll learn how CDP originated, how it enables both business teams and IT staff to be more productive, and understand its capabilities for turning data into actionable insight. Additionally, this course showcases an edge-to-AI use case, including stories from two customers who have successfully implemented it using Cloudera's technologies.

Course Length

This course includes four hours of video content.

Course Topics

Through video lectures, interviews, demonstrations, and customer stories, participants will explore the Enterprise Data Cloud and Cloudera Data Platform, learning topics such as:

  • Which characteristics define the Enterprise Data Cloud
  • What the Cloudera Data Platform is and what capabilities it provides
  • How the Cloudera Data Platform supports both on-premises and cloud-based deployments

Audience and Prerequisites

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to understand the concept of the Enterprise Data Cloud and learn how the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) builds on this concept to deliver a consistent experience from the data center to the cloud.

The course is designed for a business-oriented audience, including such roles as CTOs, CIOs, IT management, and system architects. Although it doesn't require any technical expertise from participants, it will also appeal to administrators, data engineers, data scientists, data analysts, data stewards, and those in similar roles who want to understand the Cloudera Data Platform.