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This page includes important information about how to use this course. Please review it carefully.

How to Get Help with Cloudera OnDemand

For questions on the course content, including any issues with completing the hands-on exercise steps, please post in the course's discussion forum. This forum is monitored by our instructors and is the fastest way to get help with the course content.

For any technical issues with accessing the course content or the hands-on exercise environment, please contact

Accessing the Hands-On Exercise Environment

Be sure to review the unit Hands-On Exercise: Accessing the Exercise Environment for instructions on how to access and navigate your hands-on environment.

Supported Browsers

Our courseware works with HTML5 compliant browsers, including the current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 11 and above on Windows 8.1 and above. If you are using a version of Windows prior to 8.1, we recommend using an alternate browser instead of Internet Explorer. Please ensure that both cookies and Javascript are enabled.

Quizzes and Course Completion Certificates

Course completion certificates are issued to students who have a grade of 75% or better in the course. Grades are based on answers to the quiz questions at the end of each course section.

You can check your current grade and quiz progress on the Progress page.

You are only allowed one attempt to answer a quiz question, so please make sure to carefully watch the videos and do the hands-on exercises in the course section before attempting the quiz!

Course completion certificates are mailed to your registered email address automatically when you reach a grade of 75% or better in the course. If you believe you should have received a certificate and have not, please email

Note that receiving a certificate does NOT affect your access to the course. You will continue to have access to the course materials until the end of your subscription.