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Introduction to Apache Kafka


About This Course

This course provides an introduction to Apache Kafka and integrating Kafka with Apache Flume.

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Payment and Registration

You can purchase this course on its own, or as part of our Full Library subscription.

Course Length

This course includes one hour of video content. Students who have purchased this course on its own are allowed up to 5 hours of lab time. (Subscribers to the full OnDemand library are given 100 hours of lab time across all courses.)

Course Outline

Through videos and hands-on exercises, participants will learn the basics of using Apache Kafka and integrating it with Apache Flume, including these topics:

  • Kafka use cases
  • Messages, topics, and partitions
  • Producers and consumers
  • Kafka messaging order
  • Using the Kafka Java API
  • Use cases for integrating Kafka and Flume
  • Configuring Flume as a Kafka consumer or producer
  • Tips for integrating Kafka and Flume

View the full course outline

Audience and Prerequisites

This course is intended for software engineers who have Java development and basic Linux experience. Prior knowledge of Apache Hadoop, as gained through our developer courses, is also required.

The Integrating Flume and Kafka module requires that students have first completed the Capturing Data with Apache Flume appendix from the Developer Training for Apache Spark and Hadoop course in addition to the Apache Kafka module in this course.