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About This Course

This advanced course provides Java programmers a deep-dive into Hadoop application development. Students will learn how to design and develop efficient and effective MapReduce applications for Hadoop using the Hortonworks Data Platform, including how to implement combiners, partitioners, secondary sorts, custom input and output formats, joining large datasets, unit testing, and developing UDFs for Pig and Hive.

NOTE: This is a legacy course available for historical reference which may contain outdated material.

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Payment and Registration

You can purchase this course as part of our HDP Self-Paced Learning Library subscription.


This course consists of a series of lesson slides and hands-on exercises, available as PDFs. (This course does not contain audio, narration, or video.) No hands-on environment is provided.

Audience and Prerequisites

This course is designed experienced Java software engineers who need to develop Java MapReduce applications for Hadoop. Students must have experience developing Java applications and using a Java IDE. No prior Hadoop knowledge is required.