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HDP Developer: YARN Applications


About This Course

This course is designed for developers who want to create custom YARN applications for Apache Hadoop. It will include: the YARN architecture, YARN development steps, writing a YARN client and ApplicationMaster, and launching Containers. The course uses Eclipse and Gradle connected remotely to a 7-node HDP cluster running in a virtual machine.

NOTE: This is a legacy course available for historical reference which may contain outdated material.

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Payment and Registration

You can purchase this course as part of our HDP Self-Paced Learning Library subscription.


This course consists of a series of lesson slides and hands-on exercises, available as PDFs. (This course does not contain audio, narration, or video.) The hands-on exercises use a downloadable VM; a setup guide is provided.

Audience and Prerequisites

This course is designed for Java software engineers who need to develop YARN applications on Hadoop by writing YARN clients and ApplicationMasters. Students should be experienced Java developers who have attended HDP Developer: Java OR HDP Developer: Pig and Hive OR are experienced with Hadoop and MapReduce development.